Congrats, Human Biology Laboratory!

Congrats to the UNC Chapel Hill Human Biology Lab on a strong showing at the Annual Meetings of the Human Biology Association and American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Austin, Texas! Nine students and multiple faculty members presented posters and papers on their research at these national conferences. In addition, a very special congratulations to Caroline Owens who received the Spielvogel Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Presentation or Poster and Isa Godinez who received the Edward E. Hunt, Jr. Award for Outstanding Graduate Presentation or Poster!

Isa Godinez and Dr. Amanda Thompson

Caroline Owens and Dr. Mark Sorensen

Here are a list of student and faculty posters and presentations:

The physical and psychological impacts of occupational stress experienced by commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska. R Wilbur, JS Griffin, M Sorensen, R Furberg.

Adiponectin and the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease: a global comparison of the utility of adiponectin as a predictor of cardiovascular disease risk. J Griffin, M Sorensen, AP Barsukov, TM Klimova

Effects of psychosocial stress and BMI on c-reactive protein in a student sample. C Owens, KM Houck, KJ Barrett, AL Thompson, MV Sorensen

Immunoregulatory effects of childhood endotoxemia on total-IgE response: implications for the hygiene hypothesis from Galapagos, Ecuador. KM Houck, AL Thompson, MV Sorensen

A study of dietary transition among indigenous communities in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon. G Skeltis, MV Sorensen, F Lu

Cardiometabolic health among Purepecha in North Carolina. I Godinez

Parental ratings of infant appetite may mediate associations between infant diet and infant size. K Barrett

Pathways linking birth practices and early health: Immune development and the gut microbiome. Amanda L. Thompson, Kelly Houck, Hannah Jahnke