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Good luck to Achsah during her field work in Peru!

During the next 10-12 months, Achsah will be collecting data in Peruvian clinics and households in order to explore the biological and cultural connections between iron deficiency and infection, the gut microbiome, and home environment in children living in a peri-urban community in Lima. Support for her field research comes from the National Science Foundation, Lewis and Clark American Philosophical Society, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, and the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.

UNC Human Biology Lab Presents at the HBAs in New Orleans!

Last week the UNC Human Biology Lab presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association in New Orleans. See below for a complete list of our presentations.


Isa Godinez Katie Barrett

Achsah Dorsey  Gioia Skeltis Rachel WilburHannah Jahnke Jacob Griffin

Podium Sessions:

Effects of early life fecal pathogen exposure on the gut microbiome in children from Galapagos, Ecuador. K Houck, AL Thompson, M Sorensen


Birth practices and infant immune development in Ecuador. AL Thompson, H Jahnke, K Houck

Care and rising rate of Cesarean-section in Ecuador. H Jahnke, K Houck, ME Bentley, AL Thompson

Iron and morbidity among toddlers in Lima, Peru. A Dorsey, AL Thompson, M Penny, R Kleinman, C Duggan

Genetic risk, salt consumption, and effects on blood pressure in Filipino women. I Godinez, LS Adair, AL Thompson

The impact of social support on infant feeding outcomes among Latino families in North Carolina. K Barrett, AL Thompson, K Perreira, ME Bentley

A study of nutritional transition among indigenous populations in the Ecuadorian Amazon. G Skeltis, M Sorensen, F Lu

Maternal knowledge of HIV and breastfeeding practices in Kigali, Rwanda. K Riggle, P Mugwaneza, A Asiimwe, EA Bobrow

Association of C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, adiponectin, and body composition to cardiometabolic risk in indigenous Siberians. J Griffin, M Sorensen, AP Barsukov, TM Klimova

The impact of social determinants of health on gastrointestinal infectious disease burden: results from the China Health and Nutrition Survey. R Wilbur, A Aiello, AL Thompson

Congrats to Achsah!

Congrats to Achsah for defending her proposal, “Iron, Infection, and Malnutrition in Lima, Peru.” We can’t wait to hear updates from your field work in Peru next year! Congrats on being ABD!

See you at the SECOLAS Panel!

Next week, four of our grad students will be presenting at the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS) conference at UNC. Keep a lookout for our panel, entitled, “Anthropological Investigations of the Relationship between Socioeconomic Conditions and Health.” Details are below.

Date and Time: Friday, March 24th, 10:30 am – 12:15 pm

Location: Room 2008, Global Education Center at UNC

Chair: Achsah Dorsey, UNC Chapel Hill


Obesity, Hypertension, and Migration in Purepecha Communities

Isaura Godinez, UNC Chapel Hill


A Study of Nutritional Transition Among Indigenous Populations in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Gioia Skeltis, UNC Chapel Hill


Prenatal Care and Rising Rate of Cesarean-Section in Ecuador

Hannah Jahnke, UNC Chapel Hill


Iron and Infection in Lima, Peru

Achsah Dorsey, UNC Chapel Hill

Katie is now ABD!

Katie successfully defended her proposal, entitled, “Infant-Caregiver Feeding Interactions: Shaping Diet, Growth and Metabolism.” Next year she will be working on her research with low-income families in Central North Carolina. Congrats, Katie!

UNC Human Biology Lab Presented at the HBA/AAPA Annual Meetings Last Week!


Above (left to right): UNC Human Bio Lab graduate students Isa, Achsah, Kelly, Hannah, Brittany, Katie, Gioia, and Kari at the HBA poster session.

The UNC Human Biology Lab had a great time at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association (HBA) and the 85th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) in Atlanta last week! Amanda, Mark, Kelly, Katie, Achsah, Isa, and Hannah all presented posters (titles listed below).

During the podium session on evolutionary and biocultural perspectives on pregnancy and infant feeding, Brittany presented her work entitled, “Cultural domain analysis of breastfeeding, stress, and support among white, middle class families of North Carolina.” Kelly also gave a talk entitled, “E. coli exposure, intestinal barrier function and immune health in Galapagos, Ecuador” during the podium session on nutrition and variation.

We’re looking forward to next year’s meetings in New Orleans.


Understanding child obesity risk at the household level: The influence of parental and grandparental health beliefs and practices in Chinese families. AL Thompson

Impact of market integration on under- and overnutrition in the Ecuadorean Amazon. MV Sorensen, F Lu, K Houck

Childhood intestinal health, immune function and the gut microbiome in Galapagos, Ecuador. KM Houck, AL Thompson,  MV Sorensen

The influence of caregiver feeding styles on infant dietary outcomes. KJ Barrett,  AL Thompson,  HM Wasser, ME Bentley

Food insecurity, maternal mental health, and child morbidity in Mwanza, Tanzania.  AF Dorsey, JA Decaro, M Manyama, W Wilson

Survey of migration and health among the Purepecha. I Godinez

Social and economic change and rising rate of caesarean-section deliveries in Ecuador. JR Jahnke, KM Houck, ME Bentley, AL Thompson