Undergraduate Honors Theses

To pursue an honors degree and an honors thesis project, you MUST meet certain requirements, including:

  • Maintain a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.3 from the spring semester of the junior year through the entirety of the senior year*  Secure a faculty advisor who is an anthropologist at UNC.
  • Successfully complete the ANTH 691H and 692H sequence
  • Receive approval from UNC’s Office for Human Research Ethics prior to the start of the research, for all projects involving human subjects


1) Students considering an honor thesis should first contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Honors Thesis Seminar Instructor, during their junior year (or earlier).

2) Eligible students next should secure an advisor prior to enrolling in ANTH 691H for the fall semester of their senior year. Typically, one’s advisor is a professor they have worked with in classes or faculty with shared interests.

3) In the fall Honors Thesis Seminar, ANTH 691H, students develop their research design and begin to write their thesis.

4) In the spring, students complete an independent study, ANTH 692H, with their advisor, focusing on writing the thesis. Students also form their committee, by adding two additional faculty members.

5) To complete the process, students ‘defend’ (i.e. present and discuss) their thesis to their committee, before submitting it to the university to receive the Honors distinction.

* Further information on the Honors Thesis Program at UNC may be viewed on the UNC Anthropology website.

Past Undergraduate Honors Theses Projects: